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Bank shot shuffleboard’s rules and scoring works in the exact same way as a conventional shuffleboard works. Which involves sliding a puck into the opponents’ area of the board without falling off in order to score points. The person to score fourteen points first wins. Be careful not to slide the puck too hard otherwise it may fall off the end scoring zero.





Good For:

Families, friends, large groups, small groups, friends, colleagues, couples. Recommended Over 18s only.


From £8 per half hour


Per half hour slot

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50% off second game


Get 50% off any second game when your first game is Ten Pin or Duck Pin Bowling.

This includes Ten Pin Bowling, Duck Pin Bowling, American Pool, Ping Pong, Batting Cage, Shuffleboard, Ice Free Curling and Karaoke.
Valid Monday-Friday until 6pm, and after 6pm on Sundays.

Excludes school and public holidays.

Offer allows for one discounted game per full price game of Ten Pin or Duck Pin purchased per person.